Gallery House


This is a new little house, in Geylang. We were the design consultants for this project, alongside Ong Ker-Shing Architects. For those who don’t know Singapore, Geylang is a very “mixed” neighborhood–it’s where our notorious red-light district meets a Buddhist community centers, and (increasingly) a sophisticated, cosmopolitan crowd. This is a home for art collectors, where the living spaces and galleries collide in a very direct way. These images were taken during the first exhibition to be held in the space.


The main stair has a blank, irregular quality. The stair “tubes” are highly plastic.


The main gallery, a triple-height space.




A CNC-cut metal screen, which separates a bathroom from the main stairwell.


The front gallery, a single height space for painting and installation.


A small bedroom is tucked away above the gallery, and looks down into it…


…and the elevation, showing the gallery below and rotated bedroom stack above. The photos were by our good friend Darren Soh–except for the second from top, which is by Eugene Goh / Light Works.

Project title: Gallery House
Design Consultants: Lekker Design
Architects: Ong Ker-Shing Architecture

Location: Singapore

Size: 3,500 ft sq.
Project year: 2012
Project Team: Ong Ker-Shing, Joshua Comaroff, Germain Goh, Sio Lim, Peter Then

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