Emerald Hill House

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We’ve recently completed design consultancy services—with Ong Ker Shing Architecture as architects—for a house in the Emerald Hill neighbourhood of Singapore. It’s a residence for a family that we have gotten to know well over the course of the last two years. The client has been very supportive of a fairly unconventional scheme, in particular a counterintuitive approach to the house’s rear “block.” The latter is extremely dense with private program, and light and view were heavily constrained by the presence of party walls on both sides (as well as the brutally noisy and unhappy-looking CTE Expressway immediately behind). The rear facade becomes unusual through a technique developed to mitigate this problem. Windows serving rooms of a more private nature are rotated perpendicular to the elevation, and the geometry of the surface “kinks” to accommodate these. The interior distribution is likewise rather complex, a hive of rooms, light wells and vertical circulation. There are MORE IMAGES after the jump.

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