Radiator House


This is a new design for a ground-up freestanding house on an empty site in Singapore. It is large, and figured as several overlapping houses that sit side by side. This has partly to do with an existing local typology, which has emerged as a response to very long and narrow sites. Instead of being figured as one long building, the house is expressed as smaller pavilions put side by side that, nonetheless, struggle to retain the sense of being a single entity. It’s a freaky ambiguity, and one that we have been interested in for some time. The Radiator House occupies one of these sites, so we were very ready to engage the problem ourselves. The name of the house refers to an unusual screening system, in which a metal mesh at the facade is warmed by the sun, and thus provides a solar coil for hot water. We were the design consultants; Ong Ker Shing Architecture were the architects. We have prepared a PDF with a full description of the project and images here: DOWNLOAD.

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