About Lekker


Shing and Josh have been working together since meeting in architecture school. The pair founded
Lekker in 2002 as a platform to pursue design research projects.

The office was established to investigate topics in the design of buildings and landscape, and in the
interface between the two. Lekker does not produce work according to a certain style, but rather
approach the production of design ideas through certain pre-occupations: geometry, the
communication of architectural meanings, the persistence of typologies, and the possibilities of the
interior. These do not result in a consistent style so much as a way of thinking about how the elements
of a building might go together.

In 2007, Lekker were selected by Herzog & deMeuron to build a villa in the new city of Ordos, Inner
Mongolia. In 2008, their work was included in a group of young designers exhibited at the Venice
Architecture Biennale.