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We’re now into our second year of ongoing collaboration with Hermès. They are an incredibly dynamic company, with an extremely refined design sensibility, so this has been both exciting and (at times) exhausting for us. The products have also been quite wide in range of media. For example, we recently made bespoke pop-up books as window displays. There were over 35 of these, ranging in scale from 30 centimeters wide to 2 meters tall. The story featured a dapper bulldog and greyhound who travel the world.

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We were also happy to be involved in petit h, an experimental arm of the brand that is the brainchild of the inspiring Pascale Mussard. petit h is a laboratory that makes small-batch products from materials discarded in the production process of the “Big H.” For the Singapore edition, we created interior scenography, windows, graphics and signage. The concept featured a playful orange line that emerged from a mysterious crate to make mischief in the shop and along the street.

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We have also been producing windows for shops in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. The attraction of windows is, in part, their extreme difference from the bulk of our architecture work. It is a great venue to flex different design muscles. One area of exploration is in repeated elements, which combine to form surprising assemblages. In one sequence, landscapes were made from the combination of thousands of shuttlecocks, for the 2013 theme of The Sporting Life.

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