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Art Fund Pavilion

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

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During certain competitions, there is a moment in which we realize that we should have done a box. This comes with a certain sick feeling, when we know we’ve gone “full retard,” architecturally-speaking. But as they say in Singapore, “what to do?” We just buckle down and complete. This was the case with the recent Art Fund Pavilion Competition. In this case, we had imagined the pavilion as an intersection between two building components: a simple plywood box, and a more elaborate exterior shell. This latter was something like a stone, its form described by lamina of cut plywood ribs. This was a kind of breeze-way–the interior enclosure included operable wall panels that could be opened such that wind could pass between the ribs of the shell. MORE IMAGES

Lily Pad System

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

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This is a planter system designed for a new boutique hotel in Singapore. We’ve done a series of micro-landscape installations for this project. Each of these has basically approached the problem of having no soil depth (the “gardens” are being placed on an existing structure from the 1930s). The lily pads are a new system that we’ve developed for this setting–an expandable series of discs that skim the surface of a water feature. Inside will be sedums and other greens. These are now built–ASSEMBLY PICTURES HERE

Shanghai Micro-Geographies

Friday, October 9th, 2009

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Shing and I finally gave a first look at our research into typological inventions in Shanghai’s old fabric. The talk “Shanghai Micro-geographies” was given at the University of California Humanities Research Institute SECT IV workshop on August 18th. The research was the subject of Shing’s Wheelwright Traveling Fellowship, and it’s been a labour of love. The presentation was received with very engaged questions and we are looking forward to pushing the book to press. Now to sort through thousands of images and piles of survey drawing. MORE PHOTOS